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What is Station Five?

My roles

Station Five is a first person horror game set on an Antarctic Research Base. You play as Shelley King, an Australian Engineer who has just returned to her home base, Nadir.

As she returns, she notices that everyone seems to have disappeared. She starts searching for her lost crewmates. With her trusty flashlight in hand, she flashes it in the direction of sounds she hears, only to witness what used to be her colleague, now covered in mold and on the hunt for blood.

While Shelley is shining the light on the monster, it is completely frozen. As soon as the light fades, he becomes invisible and starts chasing her.

 Gameplay Designer

 Systems Designer

Project management



Viktor Uppman

Alissa Hägglund


Albin Högbom

Amanda Hargreaves

Petter Boson


Johan Rosén

Staffan Persson

Sebastian Vesterlund

Liam Johansson

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