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What is Remnant?

My roles

 Narrative Designer

Sound Designer

Disclaimer: This is still a work in progress. Nothing on this page is representative of the final product.


Remnant is a first-person puzzle game where you, the player, wake up in the old castle belonging to Peter Blair – the Grand Machinator, who has gone missing.


You immediately go on a mission to discover what truly happened to Peter Blair. On your journey you find a device that lets you swap between two different time periods. You must use this device to traverse through the castle.


This is a three week project, with the ambission to get the greenlight to continue working on it during the third project of the PlaygroundSquad 2017 class.

This is still a work in progress.

Check back later for pretty pictures!



Viktor Uppman

Mikey Filhage


Cecilia Örnholt

Edvin Gelang

Oskar Westberg


Anton Edvardsson

Martin Larsson

My work on Remnant

Check back later!

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