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What is PAINT?

My roles

 Gameplay Design

Project management

PAINT is a top-down shooter made during the Falunacy 2017 Game Jam. 


In PAINT, you must collect the 12 keys spread throughout the map and escape the vicious crawlings.


The crawlings are hard to defeat but will perish if you cover them in paint.




Viktor Uppman

Sara Karlsson


Alexander Poon

Martin Olsen


Gabriel Nilsson

Julianne Olaussen

Tobias Carlsson

My work on Paint

During the Paint game jam, I mainly worked with the gameplay design of the game and did some light project management so that we could do the game jam effectively.

My work tasks include tweaking, QA and making coffee for people, where needed.

Challenges & Experiences

Paint was special in a lot of ways. It was my first group project for a video game. It was my first game project, period. It was also, obviously, my first Game Jam.


Going into this, we didn't really know what to expect. To our advantage, we had two second-year students in our group (hi Gabriel and Martin!) who helped us out along the way, but the rest of us kind of went in blind.


This was the first time I ever touched a repository. Even though it wasn't terribly hard to learn, I definitely screwed up plenty of times along the way!


One of the obvious challenges when making a game during a game jam is the fact that you have a really small amount of time to complete your game. Even then, we somehow managed to get in plenty of sleep.


Another challenge was the fact that we had to look at the game and think "What is viable within 72 hours?". Now, we luckily had awesome programmers (or wizards, as I like to call them) who managed to put almost everything we wanted into the game!

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