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What is Avalanche?

My roles

 Gameplay Designer

Project management

Avalanche is a single player time attack game, set on a desert mountain.


The main character, Tae, must use their earth magic to propel their rockboard forwards as fast as possible and to shape the very path they're racing on.

Your goal is simple: Make it to the end – fast!



Viktor Uppman

Mikey Filhage


Cecilia Örnholt

Oskar Westberg

Petronella Olanders

Pontus Ranefjärd


Anton Nilsson

Katrine Olsen

Martin Larsson

My work on Avalanche

In the nine-week project of Avalanche, I was in charge of gameplay design and project management.


My day-to-day tasks included tweaking gameplay and level design where needed. For the project management, I made sure that the group stayed on track with the planning for the project and acted as the SCRUM master.

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