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My work on AB2

My responsibilities

► Feature Design

► Level Design

► Systems Design

► UX Design

► Monetization Design

I joined Rovio and the Angry Birds 2 team back in February 2019. My responsibilities range from complete feature design and ownership, to collaborating with our Data Analysts to to create different tests and AB groups, ensuring that both our KPIs and our in-game economy are stable and well balanced.

Features I worked on

Jetpack Run

I joined the Angry Birds 2 team just in time for the release of the Jetpack Run event feature. Since its release, I've been designing the levels and ensuring monetization from the event.


Rowdy Rumble

Rowdy Rumble is a 16-player tournament. Each player must try to submit as high a score as possible. The winner of the tournament can expect a sweet Rainbow Feather reward!

I designed most of the feature and the systems surrounding it, and then tied it to the proper monetization vectors.

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